Cateye SP-12-R Rear Light Flextight Bracket #5342410

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Cateye SP-12-R Rear Light Flextight Bracket

Cateye SP-12 is design to secure on seatpost mounting Cateye safety lights. It can fit diameter of 21.5mm to 32mm and comes with a shim in the packaging.

Compatible Models: 

- Blitz Auto TL-AU330

- Omni 3 Rear TL-LD135-R

- Omni 5 Rear TL-LD155-R

- Rapid 1 Rear TL-LD611-R

- Rapid 3 Auto TL-AU630

- Rapid 3 Rear TL-LD630-R

- Rapid 5 TL-LD650

- Rapid Mini TL-LD635-R

- Rapid X Rear TL-LD700-R *
- Rapid X2 Rear TL-LD710-R *

- Rapid X2 Kinetic TL-710-K *

- Rapid X3 Rapid X3 TL-LD720-R *

- Solar Rear SL-LD210-R

- TL-LD130-R

- TL-LD150-R
*Cateye Spacer X required for mounting Rapid X/X2/X3 light.

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