Goodyear Newton MTB Tyre

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Goodyear Newton MTB Tyre

Featuring a fast-rolling center tread, firmly supported side knobs, and advanced compounds, the Goodyear Newton MTB tyre provides surefooted traction in a wide range of conditions. As befitting a tyre named after the man who defined the laws of gravity and motion, the Newton bike tyre is the enduro and downhill rider’s choice; it’s the tire to reach for when the terrain gets steep.


The Dynamic:R/T Compound is designed to ride on Rugged-Terrain and specifically formulated to balance grip, wear and efficiency while the Dynamic:RS/T is ridden on a Rugged Soft-Terrain and formulated for maximum grip.


EN - Utilizing a 1.5-ply constructed casing increases sidewall layers by 50% to provide additional support while maintaining a supple feel.

DH - Utilizing a 2-ply casing increases sidewall toughness by 100%. This, along with a butyl insert, provides the ultimate in support and durability for DH applications.

Ultimate - Utilizing a smaller thread fabric, this casing uses less rubber - making the tire more supple and faster rolling, with improved traction.


M:Wall - A layer of protection found between the tyre bead and the tread offering an extra sidewall protection against tear and punctures.

  • Tubeless ready
  • Durable body
  • Folding bead
  • M:Wall Protection
  • Compound for EN Ultimate: Dynamic: R/T  
  • Compound for DH Ultimate: Dynamic: RS/T
  • Weight (EN Ultimate): 955g (27.5" x 2.4") | 1150g (27.5" x 2.6") | 1012g (29" x 2.4")
  • Weight (DH Ultimate): 1295g (27.5" x 2.6") 

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