Infini Olley I-210R USB Rechargeable Rear Light

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Infini Olley I-210R USB Rechargeable Rear Light

Rear safety lighting now comes in a new, versatile form factor. Introducing the I-210R olley rear bicycle light that boasts a 38-chip, 20 lumen output illumination in a compact, versatile configuration and 30 lumens in daytime flashing. The olley is user-friendly and offers low battery reminders, power level monitoring and smart charging that shuts off when the power is topped off.


The I-210R olley’s all-new 38-chip LED is bright and conspicuous despite being compact and versatile. The contoured shape belongs on any bike or bag while the mounting options make it versatile enough to fit anywhere.

  • Weigh 18g
  • Up to 30 lumens for daytime flashing mode
  • Innovative 38-chip LED maximizes visible surface area
  • Daytime flashing and night time illumination modes
  • Contoured lens enhanced viewing angles for increased safety
  • Integrated plastic clip can be installed on a belt, bag clip, or anywhere
  • Auto full-charge cut off system can prevents battery damage by overcharging
  • IPX4 waterproof standard
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • RB05 aero mount bracket: fit Ø19-Ø48 mm
  • 7 rear light modes (Low | High | Flashing 1 | Flashing 2 | Flashing 3 | Flashing 4 | Daytime flashing)
  • Lumens: 7 (Low )| 20 (High) | 10 (Flashing 1) | 10 (Flashing 2) | 20 (Flashing 3) | 20 (Flashing 4) | 30 (Daytime flashing)
  • Run time (Rear): 4.5hrs (low) | 1.5hrs (high) | 20hrs (flashing 1) | 5hrs (flashing 2) | 7.5hrs (flashing 3) | 15hrs (flashing 4) | 8hrs (daytime flashing)

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