OGK Kabuto Izanagi Helmet

OGK Kabuto
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OGK Kabuto Izanagi Helmet

The Izanagi road bike helmet is designed to be ultra-cooling helmet. It demostrate best air-cooling efficency in hot and humid weather condition. To achieved the cooling efficency, Izanagi bike helmet engineered with floating structure interior design to maximize air cooling and fitting element.

With it large air vent and reinforced bridge, it amplify the strength of the helmet and allowing air flow to pass easily while retaining the bike helmet rigidity. The Izanagi helmet air route is also designed to pass the hot air out by adopting an inlet position that efficiently takes in cool air. 

It is equipped with Boa fit system that enable fine adjustment for fitting. With the large fitting dial, it allows for instantaneous one-handed adjustment. In addition, the adjuster arm from the top of the head to the back of the head is availaable to adjust in eight levels up and down. Combined with the new headrest width adjustment function and the flexible adjuster arm, it provides a fine and yet distinguished fit.

A water repellent function is added to the chinstrap material deodorant fiber with OGK Kabuto technology MOFF, to lessen the weight increase by sweat and to keep it refreshing.

The White and Matte Black variant are decorated with traditional Japanese patterns (hemp leaves).

  • Small/Medium(S/M) or large(L)
  • S/M (55-58cm) & L (59-60cm)
  • 225g (S/M) & 240g (L)
  • 27 Air vents
  • Floating structure that maximizes air cooling and fit
  • Boa fit system for fine adjustment 
  • MOFF Ultra thin chin strap with instant deodorizing material
  • Ultra sweat padding included
  • Headrest mechanisim that allow two-step adjustment
  • Up and down adjustment function enables fine fitting

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