WTB Vigilante TCS Light High Grip MTB Tire




WTB Vigilante TCS Light High Grip MTB Tire

The new Vigilante 2.5/2.6 often used as an aggressive front tire, though it also works well as a rear tire on loose, steep terrain sees a massive increase in both the height and surface area of the side knobs. Tall, stout outer knobs not only able to dig deeper, but also start digging sooner in the initial stages of cornering. With the help of the new technologies like TriTec Compound and Slash Guard Casing, the all-new WTB Vigilante is just more aggressive in every way!

TriTec Compound: Three compounds provide optimal levels of traction, support and durability. A base of high durometer rubber supports the entire tread and transitions into the knobs to prevent folding or squirming. Medium stiffness center knobs cap the base layer to provide traction and durability without sacrificing rolling efficiency, while soft compound side knobs deliver maximum grip and slow rebound for increased cornering traction.

Slash Guard Casing: Slash Guard features a nylon insert spanning the entire sidewall, from the tire bead to the outer knob. The insert provides additional sidewall protection without adding unnecessary weight. Nylon is a highly durable material that resists slashes and gashes, making it ideal for defending the most exposed area of the tire. Slash Guard provides an intermediate level of protection for those wanting extra sidewall durability without the weight of a dual ply casing. Slash Guard is currently only available on certain levels of tires with our TCS Light casing.

  • 27.5 x 2.50″(900g), 27.5 x 2.60″ (931g), 29 x 2.5 (1141g)
  • TCS Light High Grip (LHG)
  • Slash Guard Casing
  • TriTec Compound
  • Suitable for dry, wet, loose, rocky, muddy

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Additional information

Additional information

Tire Size

27.5 x 2.50" (60-584), 27.5 x 2.60" (65-584), 29 x 2.50" (60-622)

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