DYEDBRO Frame Protection - Camo

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DYEDBRO Frame Protection - Camo

Frame protector with a printed camouflage pattern. The protector is transparent so you will still be able to see the color of your bike underneath it.

Firstly and most important of all, do not forget to clean your frame meticulously with isopropyl alcohol to remove any traces of grease, dirt or dust. To do this, use a rag soaked in alcohol and once clean, dry it with a paper towel.

The DYEDBRO frame protection is easy to unwrap as well! Simply reverse the wrap process, ease up the adhesive with the heat gun and peel off gently using more heat as required. Clean up and install your new pattern of DYEDBRO frame protector.

  • Designed to protect frame top tube, down tube, seatstays and chainstays with 8 pieces in total
  • Eliminate paint chips and scuffs to all protected areas
  • Package includes: x1 top tube protector, x2 extra pieces for larger frames, x1 down tube protector, x2 chainstays protector & x2 seatstays protector

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