Peaty's HoleShot CO2 Tyre Inflator Kit

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Peaty's HoleShot CO2 Tyre Inflator Kit

Made from CNC’d 6061 aluminium, and with a patent-Pending valve design, the details of Peaty's inflator heads have been agonised on - from the exact rubber compound of the o-rings to the awesome chris king anodized colours.

Straight line is the FASTEST LINE! Straight line, compact design enables faster airflow for rapid inflation, and creates less stress on your tubeless valves when you’re using it because you’re coming at the valve straight on rather than at a 90 degree angle. From Flat to inflated in less than 20 seconds!

Not stopping at the inflator head, Peaty's applied the same level of detail and quality in making a high quality CO2 cartridge sleeve. far from a cheap strip of neoprene, the freeze protector sleeve is made from temperature resistant silicone and has a unique closed base to stop your hand from freezing to the cartridge, no matter how you hold it - even without wearing gloves.

Will CO2 freeze my sealant?

CO2 blasts out of the inflator head at around -50 degrees, so it will freeze any sealant that it comes into close contact with however, since Peaty's Tubeless Sealant formula is a water-based formula (which means the latex is suspended in water rather than chemicals) it will soon defrost and performance won’t be affected.

If you are running another brand of Tubeless Sealant then please check with the manufacturer's guidelines to see if it is compatible with CO2 inflators before using

  • Weight (Inflator head): 15.2g
  • Weight (CO2 Cartridge): 83.8g (16g), 138.2g (25g)
  • Presta valve compatible
  • Manufactured from 6061 aluminium
  • Unique, compact, straight-line design for maximum airflow
  • Compatible with any threaded CO2 air canister
  • Simply push down to inflate - Release to stop
  • Unique closed base silicone freeze protector sleeve prevents your hands from freezing, even without gloves
  • What's in the box: 2 x CO2 Cartridges, 1 x Inflator head & 1 x Closed based freeze protector sleeve

1. Remove valve cap and loosen the valve core. Check the valve is clear by pressing down the loose valve core. You should hear air flowing through the valve.
2. Cover the CO2 Cartridge with the closed-base freeze protector sleeve provided.
3. Screw the CO2 Cartridge fully into the inflator head. You may hear a small hiss when the cartridge is successfully pierced. If not, give the valve a quick press and you should hear gass "TSSSST' out.
4. Press the head over the valve and push straight down firmly to discharge the cartridge and inflate the tyre to your desired pressure. Releasing the inflator head will stop the flow.
5. Once the Tyre is inflated, remove the inflator, re-tighten the valve core and re-apply the valve cap.
6. Ride!

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