Peaty’s Link Lube Wet Chain Lubricant

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Peaty’s Link Lube Wet Chain Lubricant

LinkLube Wet Weather chain lube is a bespoke irish coffee scented blend of oils, waxes & powerful corrosion inhibitors that will give you a super smooth, hyper-durable, quiet running chain in the wettest, filthiest riding conditions.

Born out of the gruelling requirements of Enduro World Series (EWS) races, riders often need to ride all day in the wettest, filthiest conditions. Peaty's designed LinkLube Wet to cope with these demands and more - easily lasting a full day riding in any condition whilst not turning into a thick, impossible to clean, gunk which wet lubes are renowned for.

  • Drip bottle
  • Readily biodegradable
  • High viscosity blend of waxes, oils and corrosion inhibitors
  • High wax concentration makes LinkLube wet much quieter and smoother running
  • Even longer lasting than Link Lube - All Weather
  • Rounded tip to the application cap rolls easily over the chain when applying
  • Unique tall and slim bottle is shape to fit like a pen in your hand to make application easy

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    Peatys the besty

    Posted by Paul on 100122

    Great product guys. It keeps cleaner than most other popular wet lube brands and yes, much hardier during rainy rides. Stays quiet even when the grime has gone in. When degreasing, the lube doesn't get blackened with the sand and grime but comes out separately. This is probably the sign of the lube doing its job to cling to the chain when clean and separate the grime from grinding onto the chain at microscopic level. But could be psychological.