Peaty's Max Grip Carbon Assembly Paste

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Peaty's Max Grip Carbon Assembly Paste

Ideal for use on carbon fibre handlebars, stems and seat posts, Peaty's carbon assembly paste is a specially formulated blend of 100% renewable, natural oils and ultra-fine non-slip pumice particles. Designed to eliminate slip between carbon fibre components, Gripper paste increases the friction between carbon fibre components and their mating surfaces, so reducing the torque required to clamp them. The non-toxic formula is also resistant to detergents and washout to give you long-lasting performance in the harshest conditions.

  • For use on carbon fibre handlebars, carbon fibre seat posts and carbon fibre stems
  • Eliminates slip on clamped parts & prevents seizing
  • Made of highly refined renewable, natural oils and pumice particles
  • Readily biodegradable
  • 100% recycled packaging

1. Using a clean cloth or brush, apply gripper paste to both surfaces of the clamping area.
2. Immediately assemble and tighten clamps according to manufacturer's instructions.
3. Wipe off any excess.

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