Vittoria Air-Liner Road Tyre Insert

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Vittoria Air-Liner Road Tyre Insert

The legendary combination of durability, protection, and run-flat performance of Vittoria Air-Liners, made for your favorite tubeless-ready road tyres! The Vittoria Air-Liner system provides unmatched bump compliance and impact protection, while ensuring bead lock at lower pressures.

The foam of Air-Liner Road is soft and is designed to collapse inside the pressure of a road tire. That allows for the expansion of the foam in the event of a flat tire. In fact, the foam fills the volume inside the tire and allow for a run-flat solution to get you home. In addition, Air-Liner Road allows running lower air pressure, as it provides additional protection and enhances the seal of the tyre.The insert increases riding comfort without negatively impacting rolling resistance.

In the event of air-loss, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is designed for run-flat use. The insert increases the safety of your tubeless set-up by keeping the tyre in place even in case of puncture - No risk to ride on the wheels! The Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is compatible with all tubeless road tyres on the market.

The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, while the proprietary Vittoria tubeless valves eliminates valve clogging. Whether you are training, touring, exploring, or racing, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system will provide peace of mind and protection for the ride ahead.

  • Model: Air-Line Road
  • Weight: 24g (S) | 31g (M) | 34g (L)
  • Tire range: 700 x 23/26mm (S) | 700 x 27/29mm (M) | 700 x 30/32mm (L)
  • Recommended Tire size: 700 x 25mm (S) | 700 x 28mm (M) | 700 x 30mm (L)
  • Internal rim width (Max): 21mm (S) | 23mm (M) | 26mm (L)
  • Lightweight protection for all tubeless road tyres
  • Run-flat capability to always get you home
  • Tubeless bead lock protection
  • Allows running of lower air pressure
  • Retains supple tire feel 
  • Lightweight material absorbs no sealant
  • Packaging includes: 1 x Air-Liner road tyre insert & 1 x multiway valve

1. It is recommended not to ride more than 50 km at moderate speed of max 20 km/h in run-flat conditions.
2. Air-Liner Road complies with ISO requirements for max system weight of 125 kg (rider, bike and equipment).
3. In case of puncture, and consequent air loss, Air-Liner Road allows for temporary low-speed run-flat riding, to get you home. While Air-Liner Road allows you to ride to the nearest repair area, it is not intended as a substitute for a properly inflated tyre for extended.
4. The Air-Liner Road insert must be checked each time a tyre is changed, prior to installing a replacement tyre. Air-Liner Road dimensions can be negatively affected by certain conditions, which may reduce its effectiveness, or eliminate its functionality, such as:

  • Riding on a flat tyre: always check the condition of the Air-Liner ROAD insert, after its use inside a deflated tyre;
  • Storing the Air-Liner inside a deflated tyre: Vittoria recommend keeping a moderate pressure (1 Bar min) when not in use. Vittoria recommend replacing Air-Liner Road inserts every year.

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