OGK Kabuto Aero R2 Road Helmet

OGK Kabuto
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OGK Kabuto Aero R2 Road Helmet

OGK Kabuto Aero R2, the aero road model which inherit the genes of the truck aero helmet. The former model Aero R1 debuted in 2017 as an aero road helmet with a short tail and high aerodynamic performance. Through repeated data analysis and wind tunnel testing, the Aero R2 aims to further improve aerodynamic characteristics while maintaining the basic form that reduces aerodynamic drag not only when riding straight ahead, but also in crosswinds and when looking backward.

The most distinctive feature is the "Air Tunnel Structure (PAT.P)" in the center of the helmet. Air passes through the air tunnel, which consists of an air hole placed straight through the helmet from the center of the frontal area and an "air path plate" installed inside the helmet. The air that enters the helmet is channeled backward while being regulated, and aerodynamic performance is improved by suppressing air resistance. Air holes and air routes have been optimized to improve ventilation performance for comfort.

Another important feature will be the Wake Stabilizer (PAT.), Patented aerodynamic device that achieves aerodynamic drag equivalent to that of a long tail while having a short tail. Aerodynamic device developed by the company for motorcycle helmets. With the popular helmet shield visor designed to prevent interference with eyeglasses is attached with a magnet for easy attachment and removal, and when not in use, the visor shield can be magnetically put upright position.

The interior is made of COOLMAX® material, which absorbs water and dries quickly, ultra sweatpad with floating structure efficiently directs sweat to the left and right sides of the forehead and the chinstrap features MOFF® deodorant fiber and water repellency. The Aero R2 is equipped with a new "anti-slip buckle" locking mechanism that prevents the chinstrap from loosening compared to conventional buckles.

Equipped with KBF-2 adjusters with the Boa® fit system for a precise fit, fine adjustment and uniform tightening with the large-diameter dial with a good finger-hold enables instantaneous one-handed adjustment. Now with eyewear port, it has easy-to-hold shape and non-slip rubber keep eyewear firmly in place.

  • Size: Small/Medium(S/M) or Large/Extra large(L/XL)
  • Size range: 55-58cm (S/M), 59-62cm (L/XL)
  • Proven aerodynamic performance thoroughly pursued through CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing
  • Adjuster with Boa® Fit System
  • Air Tunnel Structure (PAT.P) improves aerodynamic performance through air rectification
  • KBF-2 headrest with two-step adjustment on both sides
  • Patented aerodynamic device, Wake Stabilizer (PAT.)
  • COOLMAX® to assist in maximizing the air-cooling effect
  • Ultra sweatpad-03 efficiently directs sweat to the left and right sides of the forehead
  • Eyewear hold design and non-slip rubber-02 keep eyewear firmly in place
  • MOFF® deodorant fiber with water repellency added to the chinstrap
  • Equipped with "anti-slip buckle" to reduce loosening of the chinstrap
  • AR-5 Shield that designed to prevent interference with eyeglasses is included
  • AR-5 Shield (Light smoke) visible light transmittance 65%, UV protection over 99%
  • JCF certified
  • Packaging include: AR-5 Shield (Light smoke)

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